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Wrap up at Farmer2Farmer 2017, December 13-15, Omaha, NE

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Show Recap – AV Presents at FBN’s Farmer2Farmer

The Farmers Business Network (FBN)has the clear goal of providing transparency in data to empower growers to make better, more informed decisions. It’s only fitting that AeroVironment presented during the organization’s Farmer2Farmer event, once during a hands-on workshop showcasing the Quantix hybrid drone and Decision Support System, and again during a lunch and learn session where presenters spoke on AV’s military expertise and integrated solution specifically designed for commercial agriculture.

During the lunch and learn session, UAV expert and retired Master Sergeant Bart Decker addressed attendees from his unique military perspective. He spoke about how UAV technology has been adopted as a standard tool in today’s military operations. Bart is a flight standards manager for AeroVironment who has been working with drones for over 13 years.

Also speaking at the show was Jeff Rodrian, Business Unit Leader, Commercial Information Systems and Matt Strein, Director of Business Development. Jeff spoke on AeroVironment’s 40-year history of delivering cutting-edge drone technology to military partners. Matt concluded the presentation by speaking on AV’s transition into creating technology for growers looking to harness the power of drones and data analytics to cut input costs and survey fields with aerial imagery.

“With traditional scouting, we are lucky to cover 5% of fields. The exciting part about using a UAV is that you can cover 100% of fields in a vastly shorter time,” Matt said during the presentation.

The key grower takeaways from the session were that drone technology must seamlessly fit into farm operations to maximize ROI. Farmers expect their drone hardware to be ruggedized for harsh conditions and need data analytics to get to the core of field anomalies quickly, both key benefits of Quantix and AV DSSecosystem. Visit our website to learn more.

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