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Creating a Drone-to-Tractor Precision Ag System

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A Certified Crop Advisor's Viewpoint: Creating a Drone-to-Tractor Precision Ag System

Growers are continually being pushed to be more efficient in all aspects of their operation. One of the most crucial things farmers do throughout the growing season is checking their crops for any anomalies. They will often bring in Certified Crop Advisors (CCA’s) to assist with checking on plant health and make suggestions to help farmers gain the best possible yield.

CCA’s use many different tools in order to help farmers optimize their results. Some CCA’s, like Josh Hammond of FarmAssist Consulting in Dickinson, North Dakota, found drones to be a useful tool in surveying fields at faster, more accurate rate. Using drone imagery provides another layer of information, with insights into key performance indicators like plant stand or plant health long before they get to a yield map.

Josh was able to plug Quantix & AV DSS into his tool belt for the 2018 growing season and saw clear results right away.  This hybrid drone and data analytics ecosystem provided the drone-to-tractor precision Ag capability, and performance efficiency he was looking for.  It allows him to capture real-time, high resolution field data and translate that directly into application plans– saving time, effort and money. Quantix & AV DSS allows him to get in-season information to confirm how well his plans and applications performed, or make additional applications to push yield further. Having this additional window to evaluate the season assists my growers in maximizing their efficiency, productivity and ROI.

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