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In-season Verification Using Aerial Drone Imagery Data Analytics

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Ashley_Case Study


An Agronomists Viewpoint: In-season Verification Using Aerial Drone Imagery Data Analytics 

Agronomists are a key part of modern day agriculture. They work with farmers to ensure crops are healthy and farmers will receive the best possible yield. This involves making many crucial decisions about crop management and factoring in all possible outcomes on the crop as well as the environment.

Ashley Runholt is an agronomist working with the Cottonwood Co-op Oil Company in Cottonwood, Minnesota. She has 16 years of agronomy experience across fruit trees, vegetables, row crops and Precision Ag.  She knows that Nitrogen fertilizer applications are vital to farming – but also tricky to determine how often or how much is necessary to create a positive return.

During the 2018 growing season, Ashley decided to try out Quantix & AV DSS to see how it could dig deeper to gain more actionable insights to benefit the farmers she worked with. She found our ecosystem to make a significant difference in the information she had access to, and was thrilled to see the results of the crop yield after efficiently applying the insights found by Quantix & AV DSS.

Click here to find out how she used Quantix & AV DSS to help her clients Maximize Every Acre.