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The Next Generation of Quantix and AV DSS Has Landed

Since the launch of our VTOL agriculture drone last February, we’ve seen a very positive response from growers across the country. With the ability to scout up to 400 acres in just 45 minutes, we’ve given growers the tools to catch potential problems early on in order to increase crop yield. 

The AV DSS and Quantix ecosystem currently allows farmers to see true color and NDVI imagery on the included operating tablet as soon as the Quantix lands allowing growers to ground-truth issues while still in the field. For more detailed analysis, Quantix seamlessly integrates with AV DSS to perform advanced image processing and data analytics including True Color, NDVI, GNDVI, canopy coverage, anomaly detection and more, providing users with deeper insights into plant emergence, vegetative health, inputs and resource management.

But we’re not stopping there.

We worked closely with our customers to develop the next generation of Quantix and AV DSS and deliver the actionable intelligence that today’s growers need to drive their business forward.  Our upgraded ecosystem includes a number of new features, performance improvements and safety enhancements designed to optimize the user experience – on the ground, in the field and in the air. Best of all, these new features are available to current and future Quantix & AV DSS users at no additional cost.

  • Variable Rate Layer – Users can now view, download or import a Variable Rate Layer into a wide-range of Farm Management Software to create geo-referenced application maps and prescriptions for use with variable rate controllers and hardware systems
  • John Deere Operations Center Connected – With single click data transfer, exporting Variable Rate maps from AV DSS into John Deere Operations Center is as easy as 1,2,3. Plus, John Deere Operations Center users can now easily import field boundaries into AV DSS to create geo-referenced locations for future Quantix flights
  • Quick Resolution Imagery – In areas with slower internet connection, users can select Quick resolution imagery, decreasing total upload and processing time by 50%, while still performing AV DSS’ full suite of data analytics
  • Coming Soon Plant Count Beta Trial – Just in time for the 2019 growing season, AV DSS users will be able to participate in a Plant Count Beta Trial program at no additional cost. Utilizing machine learning and advance image recognition algorithms, this on-demand data product will provide growers with access to data analytics that quantify stand count and plant emergence

Quantix & AV DSS is available in three product packages that range from $5,500 to $16,500 – allowing customers to find a solution that’s right for their business. Each product package includes the ready-to-fly Quantix hybrid drone, and access to AV DSS data analytics platform.  View complete packages here.

Whether you’re a grower looking to put aerial drone data analytics to work on your farm, an enterprise ad business or an ag services provider looking to begin scouting your fields and scaling your business, our goal is to provide flexible packages that meet your needs and budget.

To learn more about Quantix and AV DSS visit